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Josh Bell

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Josh Bell has been the TV critic for Las Vegas Weekly since 2004. He's been watching comedies on TV since he was a kid, when getting to stay up to see Diff'rent Strokes was a pretty big deal.


After writing for a number of student publications in college, Josh Bell joined Las Vegas Weekly in 2002, where he soon discovered that all those hours spent watching and analyzing TV shows and movies could be put to good use in TV and movie reviews. He's been covering entertainment as a TV and film critic ever since. He also blogs about TV, movies and comic books at Signal Bleed. Check him out on Twitter and Facebook.

By Josh Bell:

Comedy on TV is a varied and ever-changing genre, from traditional sitcoms with laugh tracks to single-camera narratives to mock reality shows to sketch-comedy programs and everything in between. I love watching and discussing comedy on TV, and I'm here to share that love (and my wealth of knowledge) with About.com readers.

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