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TV Comedy Quotes and Lists


From quotes from your favorite TV characters, to lists of the best and worst in TV comedy, to reviews of TV comedies on DVD, this is the place to go beyond the basics on TV comedies.
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Jack McBrayer

Want to relive the funniest, weirdest, cleverest things said on comedy shows? Check out these quotes from the quippiest characters on TV.


What are the best, worst, awesomest, most outrageous, funniest shows, characters and moments in TV comedy? These lists will sort it all out for you.

Fun Stuff


Want to share your collection of sitcom memorabilia, learn how to celebrate a made-up holiday, or become a sitcom mom? Check out all sorts of TV comedy craziness here.

DVD Reviews

30 Rock Season 2

Peruse these reviews of TV comedies on DVD to see if the discs are worth your time.

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