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'United States of Tara' Alternate Personalities Photo Gallery

A Guide to Tara's Alters on Showtime's 'United States of Tara'


Showtime's family dramedy United States of Tara features several characters all contained within one person: Kansas housewife Tara Gregson (Toni Collette) suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which causes her to have multiple personalities, or "alters." Check out the gallery below for a guide to Tara's alters and a look at what makes each one unique.
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United States of TaraTara Gregson and Her Alternate Personalities From 'United States of Tara'Toni ColletteToni Collette as Tara Gregson in 'United States of Tara'Toni Collette as AliceTara's Alternate Personality Alice From 'United States of Tara'Toni Collette as BuckTara's Alternate Personality Buck From 'United States of Tara'
Toni Collette as TTara's Alternate Personality T From 'United States of Tara'Toni Collette as ShoshanaTara's Alternate Personality Shoshana From 'United States of Tara'
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