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'30 Rock' Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode Guide to the 2012 Season of '30 Rock' on NBC


30 Rock

Tina Fey in the '30 Rock' Season 6 episode "Kidnapped by Danger"

Photo courtesy of NBC
Episode 12
Original Airdate: March 22, 2012

Jack tries to get Avery’s story back in the news by producing a TV movie based on her plight. Jenna tries to convince Jack to let her play Avery, and succeeds by being just as ruthless about it as Avery would be. Hazel asks Liz to be her mentor because Kenneth is interfering with her efforts to take care of Tracy. Hazel ignores all of Liz’s advice, but finally realizes that Liz was right. Kenneth quits his job so that he can be there for Tracy.

Episode 13
“Kidnapped by Danger”
Original Airdate: March 22, 2012

Weird Al Yankovic parodies Jenna’s song for the Avery Jessup TV movie, Kidnapped by Danger, and she tries to retaliate by writing a song that can’t be parodied. Kenneth applies for a new job after NBC after quitting his position in standards and practices, and ends up working as a janitor. Jack is upset that Liz’s script for the movie sticks too close to reality, and worries that he’s kidding himself about the strength of his relationship to Avery. Avery’s mother shows up, and tries to counteract to her attraction to Jack by dating the actor playing him (William Baldwin).

Episode 14
“The Shower Principle”
Original Airdate: March 29, 2012

Liz is frustrated because her life is in a permanent rut, and everything is always the same. She tries to change what happens when Tracy forgets to do his taxes, Jenna gets threatened by other women and Jack needs help to come up with a big idea for Kabletown, but everything just goes the way it always has. Jack does finally convince Hank Hooper to take on a new venture for Kabletown, expanding into the couch business, so Liz sees a small amount of hope.

Episode 15
“Nothing Left to Lose”
Original Airdate: April 5, 2012

Tracy regains his lost sense of smell and starts to think of Liz as his long-lost father, since she uses the same hair pomade. He suddenly wants to do everything he can to please her, but she realizes she shouldn’t take advantage of him and gets Dr. Spaceman to once again block his nasal passages. Jack decides to help Pete take charge of his life, but only manages to make things worse for Pete, and is really only compensating for his own lack of direction. Jenna and the writers engage in a battle of practical jokes.

Episode 16
“Meet the Woggels!”
Original Airdate: April 12, 2012

Jenna starts dating a member of the Wiggles-like children’s band The Woggels, and tries to use her feminine wiles to break up the band. But it causes her to realize that she never should have separated from Paul, and when she tries to return to him, she believes he’s moved on. Jack’s mother has heart surgery without telling him, and Liz tries to get the two of them to openly discuss their feelings for each other before Colleen passes away. Tracy is tries to convince his son George Foreman not to go to college, but realizes he’s been a terrible father and has to let his son do what’s best.

Episode 17
“Murphy Brown Lied to Us”
Original Airdate: April 19, 2012

Jenna stages a celebrity breakdown to get Paul’s attention, and they have a tearful reunion after they both realize they want to be together. The couches produced by Jack’s Kabletown couch division turn out to be uncomfortable, poorly made disasters, and he sells them off to the government. Jack insists on setting Liz up on a date with one of his co-workers, even though she’s happy with Criss. The guy is a total jerk, but his daughter is charming, and she inspires Liz and Criss to decide to have a baby together.

Episode 18
“Live From Studio 6H”
Original Airdate: April 26, 2012

In an episode broadcast live (performed once each for the Eastern and Pacific time zones), Jack decides that, to cut costs, TGS will no longer be broadcast live. Outraged that NBC is giving up on live TV, Kenneth locks the cast and the crew in Tracy's dressing room and recounts the storied history of live TV on NBC (performed in flashback sketches by the cast and guest stars). Jenna wants Paul to propose to her on live TV, but he's reluctant. She's worried he won't come through, and when he does, she decides she wants to marry him for love and not publicity.

Episode 19
“Queen of Jordan 2: Mystery of the Phantom Pooper”
Original Airdate: May 3, 2012

As Tracy’s wife Angie shoots another episode of her Bravo reality show, Jack gets ready for Avery’s return from North Korea and has to cover up his attraction to Avery’s mother Diana; Angie puts on a fashion show; Liz “feuds” with Tracy’s baby daughter; and Jenna tries to get more camera time. After Tracy fails to show up for the fashion show, he and Angie stage a huge fight and threaten to break up. Jack and Diana kiss, but Liz helps them deflect attention away from it.

Episode 20
“The Return of Avery Jessup”
Original Airdate: May 10, 2012

Avery is finally released from North Korea, along with a male hostage, Scott Scottsman, who was held at the same time. She tells Jack that anything he may have done while she was gone is forgiven, and Jack worries that means she was unfaithful. He tries to get her to confess, and ends up confessing his own dalliance with Avery’s mother. Liz feels uncomfortable that she’s the bread-winner in her relationship with Criss, and Criss tries to step up. Jenna is having the Southern Tourism Bureau sponsor her wedding, and it brings her old redneck side out.

Episode 21
“What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?”
Original Airdate: May 17, 2012

Jack asks Liz to officiate his vow-renewal ceremony with Avery, which Liz predicts will be a disaster. Jack discovers that Avery and Scott Scottsman have a secret language they use to communicate. Both Jack and Avery want the marriage to be over, but neither one is willing to quit, until they both finally break down at the ceremony and decide to get divorced. Hazel moves in with Kenneth when she loses her apartment, and he discovers that she’s been sabotaging his career. Tracy tries to improve his image in the black community.

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