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'How I Met Your Mother' Season 8 Episode Guide

Episode Guide to the 2012-2013 Season of 'How I Met Your Mother' on CBS


How I Met Your Mother

Neil Patrick Harris in the episode 'The Autumn of Break-Ups' from 'How I Met Your Mother' Season 8

Photo courtesy of CBS
On the seventh season of How I Met Your Mother, Ted (Josh Radnor) still didn’t meet the mother of his children, but his friends Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) did have their first child, a son named Marvin, while Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) dated other people. The eighth season features Marshall and Lily raising their child, Barney and Robin getting engaged and Ted perpetually waiting for true love, and ends with the long-awaited reveal of the titular mother. Read on for the How I Met Your Mother Season 8 episode guide.

Episode 1
Original Airdate: September 24, 2012

On the run with Victoria, Ted convinces her to return to leave a note for her fiancé Klaus (Thomas Lennon) to explain why she’s leaving him, only to discover that Klaus is actually leaving, too. Quinn finds out that Barney used to date Robin, but is convinced that Robin isn’t a threat when she sees Robin’s new boyfriend Nick (Michael Trucco). Marshall and Lily are so tired from caring for their new baby that they can’t follow what’s happening. In the future after Barney and Robin’s wedding, Ted finally meets the mother, although we don’t see her face yet, and he hasn’t talked to her.

Episode 2
“The Pre-Nup”
Original Airdate: October 1, 2012

Barney draws up an elaborate pre-nuptial agreement for Quinn to sign, which features all sorts of ridiculous demands, and it makes her furious. Their disagreement spreads to the other couples in the group, and soon Marshall and Lily are fighting over Marshall’s carelessness with Marvin, Ted and Victoria are fighting over Klaus crashing at their apartment, and Robin and Nick are fighting over Robin being distracted by the TV when they’re in bed. Those three couples make up, but Barney and Quinn realize that their differences are too great, and they break up.

Episode 3
Original Airdate: October 8, 2012

Marshall and Lily try to find a nanny for Marvin so that Lily can go back to work, and Lily’s dad, who’s shown up unexpectedly after his house burned down, tries to convince them that they should pick him. After he takes care of Marvin while Lily’s asleep, they agree to let him have the job. Barney starts hooking up with women constantly now that he’s single again, but it feels empty. Robin and Ted compete to see whose relationship is more serious, but they have to acknowledge that they’re both having trouble with their significant others.

Episode 4
“Who Wants to Be a Godparent?”
Original Airdate: October 15, 2012

Lily and Marshall decide they need to designate a guardian for Marvin in case of their death, and Ted, Robin and Barney all compete to be picked. Lily and Marshall devise a fake game show called Who Wants to Be a Godparent? to make their choice, but Ted, Robin and Barney get fed up with the process and the fact that they have barely seen Marshall and Lily since Marvin was born. Marshall and Lily admit they need to spend more time with their friends, and decide to designate all three as Marvin’s guardian.

Episode 5
“The Autumn of Break-Ups”
Original Airdate: November 5, 2012

Victoria tells Ted that she’s looking for more commitment in their relationship. Ted responds by asking her to marry him, and she says yes as long as he agrees not to be friends with Robin anymore. He decides he can’t do that, and he and Victoria break up. Barney finds a dog he names Brover, and Robin worries that he’s overcompensating for his loneliness after breaking up with Quinn. When the dog’s owner calls and Barney has to return Brover, he has a hard time handling it, but then he hooks up with the owner.

Episode 6
Original Airdate: November 12, 2012

When Robin and Nick stop having sex thanks to Nick’s basketball injury, Robin realizes that he’s actually incredibly dumb, and starts to wonder if she should break up with him. She tries, but she can’t bring herself to do it. Just when Robin’s about to go back home with Nick, Barney shows up and declares his love for her, which drives Nick off. Barney claims it was all an act, but his feelings seem genuine. Marshall and Lily are frustrated because they haven’t had sex since Marvin was born, and Ted finally takes the baby so they can have some time alone.

Episode 7
“The Stamp Tramp”
Original Airdate: November 19, 2012

Marshall runs into his old law-school friend Brad (True Blood’s Joe Manganiello) and offers to recommend him for a job at Marshall’s firm. Brad comes off terribly in his interview and makes Marshall’s boss (The State’s Joe Lo Truglio) mad. It turns out the whole thing was a ruse for Brad to get vital info on a big trial for the opposing side. Now that Quinn has returned to stripping at the Lusty Leopard, Barney needs to find a new strip club to frequent. Barney and Robin kiss after she accompanies him to his new strip club, and she freaks out.

Episode 8
“Twelve Horny Women”
Original Airdate: November 26, 2012

Marshall faces off in court against Brad, who’s representing a pharmaceutical company accused of pollution. Marshall’s boss tells him that he’ll get fired if he doesn’t win the case. Brad’s arguments are terrible, but the all-female jury is mesmerized by Brad’s good looks. Marshall wins the case but only gets a $25,000 award, and feels discouraged by the outcome. But when Brad tells Marshall that Marshall inspired him to dedicate himself to doing good, Marshall is then himself inspired to seek an appointment as a judge. Barney and Robin once again agree to just be friends following their kiss.

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