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'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Season 8 Episode Guide

Guide to the 2012 Season of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' on FX


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton in the episode 'Charlie's Mom Has Cancer' from 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Season 8

Photo courtesy of FX
The seventh season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia featured horrible human beings Dennis (Glenn Howerton), Mac (Rob McElhenney), Charlie (Charlie Day), Dee (Kaitlin Olson) and Frank (Danny DeVito) engaged in activities involving dead hookers, child molesters, baby funerals and more. In the eighth season, the show featured a number of callbacks to past episodes, along with the gang's familiar horrifying antics. Read on for the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 8 episode guide.

Episode 1
“Pop-Pop: The Final Solution”
Original Airdate: October 11, 2012

Dennis and Dee are charged with the responsibility of deciding whether to pull the plug on their comatose grandfather, Pop-Pop (who had a past as a Nazi), and they don’t know what to do. They decide they can’t do it, so they sign over power of attorney to the family lawyer, and he pulls the plug, but Pop-Pop keeps breathing on his own. Meanwhile, Charlie, Mac and Frank race to track down a supposed Nazi treasure of Pop-Pop’s, which they believe is a painting by Hitler himself. It turns out it’s actually a picture that Charlie painted, not a Nazi artifact.

Episode 2
“The Gang Recycles Their Trash”
Original Airdate: October 18, 2012

With the sanitation workers in Philadelphia on strike, Frank hatches a plan to make money off of garbage collection. He sends Dennis, Charlie and Mac door to door in a wealthy neighborhood to collect garbage and charge for it, while he and Dee try to entrap a local politician into giving them the city garbage contract. At first, Dennis, Charlie and Mac succeed, but they decide they don’t want to be garbage collectors, so they attempt to dump the trash in a poor neighborhood, and get attacked by a mob. Frank and Dee fail to influence the annoyed politician in any way.

Episode 3
“The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre”
Original Airdate: October 25, 2012

Dennis, Charlie and Mac crash the wedding of Dennis’ ex-wife Maureen Ponderosa, who’s getting married to Liam McPoyle. Dennis wants to make sure the wedding happens, but Dee and Frank want to break it up so that Dennis has to continue paying alimony. When the wedding guests start acting like zombies, Dennis, Charlie, Mac and Frank escape and are arrested for causing the chaos. It turns out that Bill Ponderosa spiked the drinks with bath salts, causing the strange behavior, and Dennis had sex with Maureen, ensuring that she won’t get married and is once again infatuated with him.

Episode 4
“Charlie and Dee Find Love”
Original Airdate: November 1, 2012

The Waitress tells Charlie to leave her alone forever, and Dennis orders Frank to start doing all the crazy things that Charlie normally does for her. Charlie and Dee start dating a rich brother-and-sister duo, and Dennis, Mac and Frank are suspicious of the situation. It turns out that the brother is playing a prank on Dee and Mac, but the sister really loves Charlie. Once the Waitress wants him back, however, he dumps his new girlfriend and goes right back to his stalking ways.

Episode 5
“The Gang Gets Analyzed”
Original Airdate: November 8, 2012

Dee drags the entire gang to her therapist (The State’s Kerri Kenney) to resolve a dispute over who should do the dishes after a group dinner. The therapist meets with each member of the group separately and discovers serious emotional issues with all of them. They don’t care about resolving any of their problems, however, and just demand that the therapist decide who should do the dishes. She gives up on helping them, and arbitrarily picks Dee to do the dishes.

Episode 6
“Charlie’s Mom Has Cancer”
Original Airdate: November 15, 2012

Charlie’s mom tells him that she has lung cancer, and he searches for a way to cure her. He visits a supposed homeopathic healer named Dr. Jinx (Sean “Diddy” Combs), goes to church with Mac and puts on a fundraiser. It turns out that his mom was faking the cancer, like Charlie once did, to cover for having broken a statue at the church. Dee starts seeing a psychic who tells her that her mother is still alive, and Frank leads Dee to dig up her grave. It was all a trick orchestrated by Frank, though, and Dee and Dennis see their mother’s shriveled corpse in the grave.

Episode 7
“Frank’s Back in Business”
Original Airdate: November 29, 2012

Frank’s old company, Atwater Capital, is in trouble, and the board of directors calls him in to help turn things around. Frank agrees to help, but he’s really just working to sell the company to Japanese investors and dismantle it so he can make some money. Dennis finds a wallet in the bar and decides to pose as the owner, who turns out to be the major shareholder in Atwater. Dennis gets increasingly consumed with his ruse, but Mac and Charlie expose his secret at the final Atwater shareholders’ meeting.

Episode 8
“Charlie Rules the World”
Original Airdate: December 6, 2012

Dee gets obsessed with playing an online post-apocalyptic game called Techpocalypse in which she creates a tribe of characters who look like the rest of the gang. Charlie, Mac and Frank all get caught up in the game as well, and Dennis scoffs at them for not experiencing the real world. Charlie and Frank both become very successful in the game, and Charlie lets his power go to his head. Dennis puts an end to it all by deleting everyone’s characters from the game.

Episode 9
“The Gang Dines Out”
Original Airdate: December 13, 2012

At a fancy restaurant, Mac and Dennis are having their monthly dinner together, and Charlie and Frank arrive separately to celebrate the anniversary of their moving in together. Dee is also there, eating alone, but nobody notices her. Both Frank and Dennis feel that the other group is obligated to come over and say hello, while Charlie and Mac just want to enjoy their meals. The passive-aggressive conflict nearly escalates into violence, until Dee defuses the tension by tripping a waiter, and the entire gang laughs at him.

Episode 10
“Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense”
Original Airdate: December 20, 2012

When Frank rear-ends Dennis’ car while driving, causing Dennis to spill a bowl of cereal and damage his car’s interior, Dennis demands that Frank pay for the damages. The gang decides to hold a trial in the bar to determine who is at fault, with Dee representing Dennis and Charlie representing Frank. After detours including a long presentation by Mac on why the theory of evolution is wrong, the gang attempts to resolve the issue by re-creating the original circumstances, and somehow Dee ends up taking the blame for the entire situation.

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