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'Community' Season 1 Episode Guide


Photo courtesy of NBC

Community Season 1 stars Joel McHale as a lawyer forced to return to community college when his degree is invalidated. The cast also features Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie and Chevy Chase as his misfit classmates. Over the course of the first season, the group grows closer, and romance develops. Read on for the full Community Season 1 Episode Guide.

Episode 1
Original Airdate: September 17, 2009

Unscrupulous lawyer Jeff starts at Greendale Community College by trying to shake down his former client Duncan, a professor, for all the answers to all the tests in all his classes, and by forming a fake Spanish study group in order to pick up Britta, the hot girl from his Spanish class. Both efforts backfire, and Jeff ends up without any test answers, and with a study group full of losers that he’s stuck working with despite the fact that he can’t speak any Spanish.

Episode 2
“Spanish 101”
Original Airdate: September 24, 2009

Jeff contrives to get paired up with Britta in a Spanish project, but ends up working with Pierce instead, who is way too eager to be Jeff’s friend. Jeff gets frustrated and blows Pierce off, but eventually Britta convinces Jeff to give Pierce another chance and participate in his ridiculous presentation, which earns an F. Annie and Shirley decide to become activists like Britta, and stage a tacky protest against the murders of journalists in Guatemala.

Episode 3
“Introduction to Film”
Original Airdate: October 1, 2009

Jeff discovers a class taught by a professor who eschews tests and grades in favor of touchy-feely nonsense, and decides to take it for an easy A. But the professor sees through Jeff’s laziness and threatens to fail him unless he genuinely learns to live in the moment. Britta tries to help Abed by paying for him to take a film class, which puts her in conflict with Abed’s strict dad. When Jeff helps Britta works things out with Abed, Britta kisses Jeff in front of his professor so he looks like he’s “seizing the day” and can pass the class.

Episode 4
“Social Psychology”
Original Airdate: October 8, 2009

Britta starts dating a hacky sack-playing frat boy-type, and Jeff tries to be cool about it, but he and Shirley just make fun of Britta behind her back. When the truth comes out, Britta gets dumped, and she and Jeff decide that he’ll no longer have to hear about her love life. Annie signs up to help with Duncan’s psych study and recruits Abed as a subject, but he ruins the hypothesis with his disturbing single-mindedness.

Episode 5
“Advanced Criminal Law”
Original Airdate: October 15, 2009

Britta gets caught cheating in Spanish class, and Jeff offers to defend her in front of an absurd tribunal that includes the dean, Duncan and Senor Chang. She sabotages her own defense because she feels guilty about her mistake, but Jeff manages to get her exonerated anyway. Annie recruits Pierce to write a new school song for Greendale, and he freaks out about it and ends up plagiarizing Bruce Hornsby. Abed doesn’t understand Troy’s sarcasm, and concocts a weirdly elaborate practical joke in retaliation.

Episode 6
“Football, Feminism and You”
Original Airdate: October 22, 2009

The dean wants to get Troy to play for the pathetic Greendale football team, and blackmails Jeff to convince Troy to do it. Annie’s in love with Troy and spending time tutoring him in astronomy, so she doesn’t want to lose him to football, but Troy ends up being able to find a balance better than either Annie or Jeff. Shirley tries to teach Britta how to bond with other women, since Britta is too harsh and judgmental, and Britta finally succeeds when she gives Annie advice about Troy.

Episode 7
“Introduction to Statistics”
Original Airdate: October 29, 2009

Jeff pursues a date with his attractive statistics professor, but she tells him she doesn’t date students. Jeff leaves Annie’s Dia de los Muertos party to crash the faculty Halloween party and chat up his professor, but the whole study group follows him and ruins his chances. At Annie’s party, Pierce gets high and freaks out. Jeff’s professor finally agrees to sleep with him, but Jeff gives up on it to talk Pierce down from his bad trip.

Episode 8
“Home Economics”
Original Airdate: November 5, 2009

The group discovers that Jeff has been living in his car, and he moves into the school dorms with Abed while he figures out his finances. He becomes a lazy slob, and Britta has to convince him to pull himself back together. Pierce joins a rock band with Vaughn, Britta’s ex-hook-up, who performs an insulting song about Britta, and then another about Pierce when Pierce stands up for Britta. Troy asks a classmate out on a date, and Annie helps him prepare while feeling incredibly jealous.

Episode 9
“Debate 109”
Original Airdate: November 12, 2009

Annie and the dean convince Jeff to join the debate team, and it turns out to be harder than he expected. He and Annie develop some uncomfortable sexual tension while studying, but manage to defeat Greendale’s debating rivals. Britta is trying to quit smoking, and Pierce insists on helping her with his inept hypnotherapy, which ends up working inadvertently. Abed freaks out the group with his films that seem to predict what everyone will do.

Episode 10
“Environmental Science”
Original Airdate: November 19, 2009

Senor Chang assigns an absurd amount of homework, and the gang nominates Jeff to convince him to relent. Jeff befriends Chang, whose wife has left him, but all Jeff gets is his own assignment waived. Eventually he gets Chang back together with his wife, and the class gets a reprieve. Troy and Abed have trouble with their biology lab because Troy is afraid of rats and accidentally lets their test subject free. Shirley is nervous about giving a presentation in her marketing class, and Pierce helps her with public speaking.

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