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'The Office' Season 6 Episode Guide


The Office
Photo courtesy of NBC

Episode 21
“Body Language”
Original Airdate: April 29, 2010

Jim and Pam give their first joint sales pitch to Donna, the bar manager that Michael met at the company happy hour, and Michael hijacks the meeting to hit on her. It seems like she isn’t receptive to his advances, but in the parking lot just before Donna leaves, she and Michael kiss. Gabe from Sabre tries to recruit Darryl to the company’s minority executive training program, and Dwight encourages Kelly to apply for it instead because she’s easily influenced. She gets the job, but Dwight worries that she’ll actually end up screwing him over.

Episode 22
“The Cover-Up”
Original Airdate: May 6, 2010

Michael gets paranoid that his new girlfriend, Donna, is cheating on him, so he enlists Dwight to follow her and find out. Dwight blows his cover, and Donna gets furious and comes to the office to confront Michael. Just when he’s reassured, Pam starts to suspect that Donna really is cheating. Donna finally breaks down and confesses to being married. Darryl messes with Andy to get revenge for being blamed for one of Andy’s mistakes two years ago, but the prank doesn’t go as planned.

Episode 23
“The Chump”
Original Airdate: May 13, 2010

Everyone in the office is concerned about Michael’s mental state after he finds out that Donna is married, and they try hard to cheer him up. But it turns out that he’s still seeing Donna, and everyone disapproves. Andy even forces Michael to meet Donna’s husband. Michael defies their reproaches, but in the end he can’t live with himself and decides to break up with Donna. Dwight and Angela hire a mediator to end their dispute over their baby-making contract. Dwight agrees to sleep with Angela five times to resolve the issue.

Episode 24
Original Airdate: May 20, 2010

When information leaks to the press about defective Sabre printers, Jo comes up from Florida to root out the whistleblower. Darryl, Kelly and Pam all admit to leaking information in some way, and Michael tries to protect them from Jo’s wrath. Andy’s the real informant, though, as the departing IT guy reveals, and he gets fired. Michael agrees to read the Sabre apology and recall statement so Jo can save face.

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