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'Childrens Hospital' Profile


Childrens Hospital
Photo courtesy of Adult Swim
Childrens Hospital is a parody of serious medical dramas, following the lives and absurd problems of the self-obsessed doctors at the titular medical facility.


July 11, 2010

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Thursdays at midnight EST on Adult Swim.


Childrens Hospital started as a web-only series for TheWB.com in 2008. Ten episodes of 4-5 minutes each aired online in 2008, and in 2010 Adult Swim picked up the series for TV, airing all of the online episodes as well as a second season of new episodes, followed by a third season.


Lake Bell as Cat Black
Erinn Hayes as Lola Spratt
Rob Corddry as Blake Downs
Ken Marino as Glenn Richie
Rob Huebel as Owen Maestro
Megan Mullally as Chief
Malin Akerman as Valerie Flame (Season 2-present)
Henry Winkler as Sy Mittleman (Season 2-present)


Childrens Hospital was created by co-star Rob Corddry, who serves as executive producer alongside Jonathan Stern and David Wain.
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