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'House of Lies' Profile


House of Lies
Photo courtesy of Showtime
House of Lies is a dark comedy about a team of management consultants who get paid huge amounts of money to tell other companies how to run their business, and indulge in plenty of illicit activities on the side.


January 8, 2012

See It:

Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on Showtime.


Don Cheadle as Marty Kaan
Kristen Bell as Jeannie van der Hooven
Ben Schwartz as Clyde Oberholt
Josh Lawson as Doug Guggenhein
Dawn Olivieri as Monica Talbot
Donis Leonard Jr. as Roscoe Kaan
Glynn Turman as Jeremiah Kaan


House of Lies was created by Matthew Carnahan, creator of the FX series Dirt, based on the memoir House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time by Martin Kihn. Carnahan, series star Don Cheadle, Jessica Borsiczky and Stephen Hopkins are the executive producers.
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