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TV Comedy Shows A-Z


Get all the information you need on your favorite TV comedies, from New Girl and The Big Bang Theory to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Start right here to learn about the wide variety of TV comedy.
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The Birthday Boys

Check out thoughts and analysis of show debuts and significant episodes.

NBC Shows

Parks and Recreation

Although the days of Must-See TV are long gone, NBC still brings a lineup of funny and edgy sitcoms to prime time, carrying on a long legacy of classics.

CBS Shows

Two and a Half Men

CBS has been a sitcom powerhouse for years now, with a strong lineup of family-oriented shows that appeal to a wide audience.

ABC Shows

Modern Family

ABC's sitcom lineup is small these days, a far cry from when their TGIF block dominated the world of family comedies. But the shows they have now are more diverse, and more exciting.

Fox Shows

Raising Hope

The fourth broadcast network has been light on the sitcoms lately, but it still has a handful of shows to check out.

FX Shows

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

In addition to its edgy, acclaimed dramas, FX has developed some pretty outrageous comedies, pushing boundaries while getting laughs.

TBS Shows

Are We There Yet?

With its tagline "Very Funny," TBS has established itself as basic cable's home for traditional sitcoms.

TV Land Shows

Hot in Cleveland

In addition to its reruns of classic shows, TV Land has a growing stable of old-school sitcoms that recall the classic style.

Adult Swim Shows

Childrens Hospital

Known for its raunchy oddball animated fare, Adult Swim has added live-action shows in the same spirit.

BET Shows

The Game

After making a huge hit out of network cast-off 'The Game,' BET is working to become a new home for original sitcoms.

More Cable Shows


Sitcoms are hot commodities, and cable networks of all kinds have their own comedy shows. From MTV to ABC Family, these shows run the cable gamut.

HBO Shows

Curb Your Enthusiasm

HBO has a rich history of airing envelope-pushing original comedies that go places broadcast and basic cable shows can't. The network's pioneering edgy approach to comedy is carried on in its current fare.

Showtime Shows


Showtime has been pushing comedy boundaries nearly as long as HBO, with shows that take on daring subject matter, and has developed into a home for high-quality, award-winning programs.

Episode Guides

The Office

Miss an episode of your favorite show, or just want to catch up on the past? These guides offer quick summaries to get you up to speed.

Classic Shows


Don't forget about these old favorites from years past. Dive in to the rich history of beloved sitcom classics.

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